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A patio or paved area leading up to your house can convey your sense of style to visitors even before they enter your home. If designed and constructed with care, patios convey a sense of warmth. They also offer a welcome change from gardens. Therefore, if you have ample space, budget, and time hire a landscape contractor to design a patio that neighbors would envy. Opt for an old-world charm or a contemporary, urban look for the patio. Landscape Designers can help with the design of your patio or hard surfaces outdoors.
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After hiring a contractor discuss in detail the plan, materials, and budget for the project. the contractor will draw up a contract specifying these aspects. In addition, ask about a deadline in the contract. Remove any old structures in the yard, and get it thoroughly cleaned. You may like to accompany, the contractor to choose the ideal materials for the project. Bricks, stone, wood, pavers, and terracotta tiles are some traditional materials that could be used. Interlocking pavers and tiles are contemporary options. You can choose from a spectrum of colors and designs for a custom patio.Search the web and consult books and magazines for information for patios.

Quigleys Landscaping and Patios is a full service concrete firm with demonstrated experience and breadth of skill in large scale projects as well as smaller custom and highly crafted commissions.
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A patio can be created not just in front of the house, but also at the side or the back. These can be used for hosting parties and relaxing. You may want to create different levels on the patio, using different materials and colors. After the basic structure is complete, let your imagination run loose. You can furnish the patio on your own, by sourcing chaises, benches, and chairs from antique shops or furniture showrooms, depending on the look you want. Use bright colored cushions in various shapes and sizes to add comfort and warmth. Use lights to brighten up the space at night.

Custom patio sun rooms are another interesting design feature. These enclosed patios add to living space, permit natural light and heat to come in, and are ideal for relaxing with family and friends. Ceiling fans and lights can be used in these rooms.

Today, due to stressful jobs, people feel that they need a private space to relax and unwind. Patios are ideal for this purpose, especially if you are an "outdoor" person. Patios enable you to get the feel of outdoors without venturing far from your home. They are expensive to construct, but they are worth the investment.
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